Rogues Icelandic WIP's

Started by RogueNZ, January 18, 2015, 11:46:00 PM

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I like it too.
I think the only thing is just to brake up the Population a bit. Even use a, (some), different plants maybe. Brake up the the straight line of the edge of the foreground shore a tad? Don't know. Looks pretty close to done. I would be glad if it were mine.
It has been eaten.


Quick few questions:

What is the best method for editing and saving a final version out of Photoshop? At the moment I am saving for web as a JPEG at %100 quality and it seems to do an okay job.

Would it be against the rules to retouch the image to remove some artifacts as a result of rendering reflections? I can see distinct quads where the algorithm hasn't quite meshed with the surrounding grid.

Also the addition of a surface layer, which I was sure to mask to a very certain are of the ground, has messed up the shadows on the mountain. I am using displacement intersection on the new layer, and disabling it removed the errors. Can I render in two separate passes and combine in PS? My last render was 75h long due to the high samples I used for the water, which actually turned out a lot worse than I hoped.

Overall it looks good, you will see it soon I hope :)


100% quality might not even be necessary, sometimes 80% is okay. You have to take care of banding in the sky or in other large even areas. I suppose it's best to take the max size and do several options of saving and compare those (png, jpg).

Danny will have to answer your other questions, but as far as I have to say anything a little cloning out little pecks of error won't harm. He will probably ask you to also deliver the out-of-the-box render to see if you didn't clone in the whole mountain range  ;)


Great job - good luck  with the final run!
:) J


I wish I had looked into soft reflections earlier and realised that I was always going to struggle with them. This would have been a huge help:,11326.0.htm, although there is no download link (plus I already owe DandelO for his amazing sky). I won't be able to render an improved version before the deadline I don't think.


Finally finished, will be submitting what you see here. Thank you all for the inspiration, knowledge and invaluable suggestions that have helped craft this image - I certainly couldn't have done it on my own. Another big thanks to DandelO for the fantastic night sky preset. If I had more time I would have loved to look into this and see if it could be modified to take the shape of the milky way. A project for another day perhaps.

Far too much time was spent on this one, and the final render took over 75 hours. Now time to relax and enjoy Valentines day, I think I earned a beer for this one :)



Very nicely done. Reminds me of a lake we visited at night early in our trip (possibly the first night), trying to find a good vantage point for the aurora. Neither the aurora nor the view were as spectacular as this that night, but still nice. :)

- Oshyan



Stunningly detailed, awesome work.... Good luck to you too!



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This is a gorgeous image! Looks like a postcard from Iceland.


Sorry - Though I'm sooooo late, I must congratulate... My special favorite detail I recognized today is the swimming crushed ice ... just want to take it in my hands to see if it's real :)