Top work everyone!

Started by ajcgi, February 16, 2015, 11:43:52 am

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Hi all,

As one of the judges for this contest, I got an email not so long ago sending over your lovely entries.
They're all top stuff! Wildly different to what I'm using TG for right now, so it was refreshing on the eyes too!

I hope to work with a few of you some time. That'd be swell.  ;D
Danny of NWDA will have now received an email from myself with my choices for the top three.
I'm sure the other judges will agree that the entries for this are astounding!
I've been using TG a few years now and there are still whole sections of it I just don't touch, so seeing others' experiments and creations is still inspiring.

So good work all and very best of luck!  :D



Thanks for participating in the judging Alex! Hope to see you around here in the forums more. :)

- Oshyan


You're welcome!
You never know... with all this TG I've been up to recently I may share some thoughts and findings.
Plus, I have a new mac so that needs a sound thrashing occasionally. ;)