NWDA's 2015 "Iceland" Winners !

Started by DannyG, February 22, 2015, 08:36:55 am

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Congratulations to winners and I enjoyed to follow all your WIPs  :D

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Hey cool. Would be happy to hear a crit from the judges now, if they would like to say anything. Would be more than a little interesting, publicly or privately.

I put my self a bit lower than the results, so pretty nice that someone liked something in my image. I'm Still a bit jealous of some of the other images. THough I do think mine had some nice parts  ;D
Boy I wish we had just a few more days to work though (HAHA, several months is always a few days less than I need)

QuoteA few minutes after publicly announcing the winners we had a security breach to the contest elements of our webpage. This will be down temporarily, but will be restored in a few hours.

Hope that is some kinda of bizarre coincidence. :o
It has been eaten.



Thank you to all the folks at NWDA and to the sponsors for putting on such a fun competition! All of the entries were well done so I'm quite surprised/thrilled to have won! Thanks again, Danny and NWDA!



There were some awesome images among the entries. Congratulations to the winners! And thanks to all who participated, it's been great fun n watching developments and seeing renders improve.

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Congratulations to all who contributed for completing a challenging subject, and high kudos to the winners for an excellent series of images.  And, a special thank you to Danny and the NWDA folks for organizing and bringing this contest to a successful conclusion. Looking forward to the next one!


Wow, 3rd  :D
Thanks a lot Danny and NWDA for this great contest! And a big thank to the TG community on this forum, who helped me a lot during this project.
It was a real pleasure, I learned so much doing it!
Congrats to all entries, very different pictures, very beautiful ones.


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Great stuff!!! Congratulations to all! Had been quite busy, so unfortunately I couldn't follow the evolution of those fantastic images.


Site is finally functioning normally  ;D
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To winners:
  Please answer emails from all our sponsors whether you are interested in using their product or not. They were kind enough to offer these products to us please return the favor by replying. We are attempting to close up loose ends on Iceland. Thank you.
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Kevin F

Ha ha! Possibly ┬┐the wrong people won!