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Started by lebleuetok, March 06, 2015, 01:29:01 pm

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Hello everyone
I am new to Terragen 3 (demo) only a few days and I will send you my first made to get feedback as positive and negative.
Sorry for my English



Welcome to the forum :)
This is a good start. Me personally would make the water more rough a bit and reduce a bit the amount of clouds and make them more 3D looking.

There is a white stripe that is going cross the Mountains at the back. Not sure what is that.
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Nice for a first attempt! Welcome.

Some suggestions: decrease water roughness, limit cloud coverage area (and increase cloud depth), increase fuzzy zone in surface layers altitude/slope constraints to get rid of the horizontal banding, less color saturation on some of the greens.


Interesting; two different suggestions for the water. I'll add a third; increase the patchyness, so it gets more windblown, with parts higher waves and parts lower. And increase the height of the clouds, not altitude, but height (it's probably the default 150m, so make it 500 or even higher, or mask the density shader by a very big fractal, so they are more sparse); they are very flat and thus catch too much sunlight and bleach out.


I think Ulco means *Depth* of the cloud layer, just under the Altitude parameter, which is the altitude of the *middle point* of the cloud depth. In other words the Depth (measured in Meters) extends equally above and below the Altitude value (also in Meters).

- Oshyan


great first try man. looks likes you went into all the basics. good going.... Now you get to feel the pleasure of your eyes bleeding as you try to make "perfect" all your future images ;D

It has been eaten.


Thank you all for your tips and advice.
After having followed your recommendations here is an overview but from a different perspective.