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Started by normhol, August 03, 2007, 09:32:19 pm

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After playing around with World Machine, I saved a couple of ter's and with some help from Chris, loaded them into Tg2. Then just playing around with strata and twist and shear, I ended up with this image that is amazing to me..a newbie. I'm sure there is a lot that can be done to improve and I am posting the jpg and tgd for your perusal. I  did only a clarify in PSP for the jpg.
I have registered for the "LVS associates" beginners course in Tg2 that starts in Sept. and hope this will help me know what "the heck" I'm doing ...LOL


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Great start you got there. Try desaturating the green, adding some variety to the colours with a couple of surface layers set to 0.5 coverage with a power fractals colour input and adding a small fractal displacement to rough up the strata.

I did not know anyone was running courses on TG2 yet. I would be weary of that however. Almost certainly whoever is running the course picked up most of their stuff from this board and you can too, for free!! Also take a look through the Terragen 2 documentation section of this board. Its full of getting started stuff and you can always ask for help here anyway.
Good luck and happy rendering


ps: you need to provide the "output3.ter" file for us to be able to open fully your tgd file.

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Very nice!

Only a couple of suggestions (there's so much to learn   ;D ) -

In Atmosphere - I'd cut the Main Tab, Haze Density to 1 or 2.  Move your Height Control Tab, Haze Exp Height to 3500 (just for starts).  Tweaks Tab, Fake Dark Power to .2 and Quality Tab, Number of Samples to at least 32 or more (try 32 first).

Clouds - change the Quality Tab, Samples to 64.  Make sure you are using 3D clouds (under Quality, Rendering Method dropdown list)

Find the beginning tutorial by Oshyan and then do it.  Take what you learn from that and put it into this beginning of a beauty here.

So many things you'll be able to do with this later, so keep learning and do what you can, but don't get rid of it.  Come back in a couple of months and then apply what you know.  You'll be thrilled with what you can do. 

That's a pretty good class with LVS.  The nice thing about the class is it goes through everything from beginning to end and at least gives you a base for how it all works in some coherent form.  What you learn on the Planetside website is usually intensive and specific.  Not bad, but it doesn't help if you don't have the very basics down.  Don't get discouraged.  A lot of people here are very helpful as well.
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