Using Object as Terrain

Started by mathieubr, March 06, 2015, 10:29:19 AM

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I am working on a project where it would be very convenient to be able to use an .obj file as the major part of the world terrain. Or at least, to be able to treat the surface of an imported .obj as a terrain, that is, being able to apply the same fractal shaders to the object and to the terrain, thus merging the two visually.
I must admit I did not quite manage to do this yet. Any ideas on how this could be achieved?
Many thanks!


Most important is to use a transform shader to set all colors and displacements to world scale before you plug in the parts shader. And perhaps don't use RayTrace, or you won't have real displacement, but only bumpmapping. But your trees and such will then lack this also.
Another option, if possible, would be to make a vector displacement map out of the object, but that requires some thinking before making it, I guess. With that you displace the planet, and work 'normally'.