My latest paintings

Started by Dune, April 06, 2015, 03:32:51 am

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All these paintings have something great about them, but I really love Yellow House. The smooth surfaces contrasting the sharp details, all wrapped up in soft misty light...
Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.


Thank you, guys!

On request; a small number of other paintings.... from different periods.


Another Beautiful Day is my fav!
Thx for sharing these pictures. GReat stuff!!
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Great. I like especially 1,2 and 4. Would be nice if you could do more paintings too.Thanks for sharing Ulco :)


"No Time to Lose" works for me  :)
It has been eaten.


Me too Michael...........something just clicks.  ;D


Love them all with 'Another beautiful Day' as my favorite.


They all are great!

I'm especially impressed by the Kingfisher. And looking at the Yellow House I feel like watching the book cover of a Arthur C. Clarke stories-collection... slightly mystic, unreal but plausible realistic... Great!

Now I'm a little sad that I gave up painting 20 years ago...


Beautiful. The Kingfisher detail is out of this world. Something I would expect to be featured in a gallery. Is it?


No, I've exhibited quite a few times, also in the US (and Canada, France, Emirates, New Zealand...), but not this one. As a matter of fact I made a small series of three of these very detailed paintings (watercolor) hoping I could get them printed in a limited edition by one of the large companies (like Mill Pond Press), but just as I was about to enter that market, print business went down. I've got a snowy owl and sanderlings too.
But I like the 'mystical' works more, there are stories behind them, not always immediately recognizable, but intended to make the viewer think, use imagination.

A few more  ;)


I love them absolutely. Please keep sharing Ulco :)


Yes, the first two provoke thoughts of creativity and intent in an ethereal way. The Snowy Owl is a masterful peace of high detail; the eyes, feathers - the lichen and grasses ...fabulous.

j meyer

Kingfisher and snowy owl are watercolor? Impressive!

Saw some of these before on Ulco's website and in case you haven't
been there you should take a look.


Aw shit, can't choose a fave as they're all so stunning. Always wanted to be a painter but the GD colourblindness made for awful garish paintings so I stuck with mainly B&W comix....Thanks for sharing these Ulco.
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Between dreams is awesome!!
Can i download a copy for myself from here?
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