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Started by DocCharly65, May 07, 2015, 12:44:33 am

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Indeed. I do wonder about the lighness of the shadows on the outside render. Isn't enviro light a tad too high? Inside is just perfect!!


Sorry, Dune, my fault: I increased gamma in postwork for the mobiles of my girl and my stepdaughter (she had the ivy-wish).
at home it looked ok as well but here in office I see that unnatuaral brightness too.

The 3D anaglyphic image is intended to be quite bright. The blue-red glasses are mostly so dark, that you cannot see anything.

Anyway I must reorganize complete lighting, details and some other things for my animations in 720p. I found out that eg. detail setting, displacement (PFs) and occlusion weight react very different in different render resolutions.


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Two of the last TG4 remining days: 0 - renders and a big step back to another WIP.

Step by step, day by day, month by month I get the puzzle together.

The big showdown! I hope the light and the clock give the hint when it will be  ;)

only small test of the light and cam position (frame 1400  ;)  )

I had to stop this render but could save a part before TG froze again.
Frame 0001.


I am planning to do a slow motion capture of the second hand of the clock when it is switching from second 59 to 60...
In closeup with overdone DoF of course  ;D
I hope I get my new memory for the instable PC on monday to go on... 


I guess you'll have to upgrade to TG4. I wonder if the TG evaluation version will just stop working in mid render or only doesn't work again after startup.

Anyway, a question; what is that wording about 'copied... China' in your second image?


So far the rendering TG4 versions did not stop the renderjobs. And some hours ago I got the prepurchasers email ... only to wait until sunday for the release licence ... HAPPY DAY!!!  :)

The "copied ... China" is a (politically not absolutely correct) joke in relation to all the fake products and iPhone copies coming from there... in an older post you can see it better but there the light isn't as I want / need now in the film:,19941.msg196604.html#msg196604




Quote from: Dune on September 02, 2016, 02:54:24 am
Ah. Thanks Nils.

and thank you for asking the question that was in all our minds...heh heh
something borrowed,
something Blue.
Ring out the Old.
Bring in the New
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More preparation for the animation inside the poolhouse...

I had many things to change. E.g. the floor is new, an additional rack on the left side ...

Testframes 001, 199, 298

[attach=1]   [attach=2]   [attach=3]

I am not sure yet what will run on the TV in the animation. I cannot use any TV news program because of copyright... perhaps I use the "big bugs bunny" animation with the permission of the animators.  ;)

And for the first time a visible connection between the scene outside (the bike and the viper) and inside (the clock, the TV...)
In this case the overexposure of the scene outside is intended as I descibed in an earlier post.

Frames 001 and 022:

[attach=4]   [attach=5]


QuoteI am not sure yet what will run on the TV
Perhaps your own animation, a future scene?


Have you a idea how long the short will be Nils? Approximately?


@ Kadri:
Difficult to say.
The whole scene while the Viper is starting will have different cuts.
The upper scene with the visible TV has 500 frames - means 20 seconds.
But of course the sound of the video must also be audible when the TV is not in Focus. I think about 1-2 minutes could be enough.

@ both
Ulco, I thought about some ideas and one is in fact an own animation: I would create a kind of TV-News like in the upper Pictures. I am not sure if I do it just like that (it's just a PowerPoint sheet :) ) Or if I find a nice lady as a real reporter to talk about all the strange things happening at that time.

Two other alternatives:

Because the whole film Project shall be a kind of hommage to some films that had influence on me, I'd would like to show the "Big Buck Bunny" film on the TV because I like it very much and it I was done by just motivated hobby  artists.
Just look here:

I also thought about getting the permission of some TG artists like you, Kadri - or Hannes, to show some seconds of your work. Of Course with adaequat credits in the end title.

As well there is place for two of the best renders of TG forum artists in the two Picture Frames on left side of the TV.

Not easy to decide. What is your opinion (all of you in the Forum), what would be the nicest and most sense making idea?

Unfortunately I can start the render at the earliest when I did a decision because I absolutely do not want to add the film in postwork. I will devide it into frames and render it within TG.


If you play a future scene of your own movie, it won't be very noticed as a joke, maybe, as the veiwer doesn't know it's a future scene (I just realized that). You could also 'replay' some past scene, that will ring a bell. Perhaps reverse the sequence to give it a very odd time warp.


The decision has been made  8) ;)

I just asked - Now I've got a nice newsreader. I will create a news about all the strange things happening in the film. This will be not your time warp, Ulco, but it will create the odd situation, where the NASA doesn't understand, where all the spaceships, a space station in the earth orbit and all the ducks come from  ;)

It's a long time since I needed my little photo studio and the cameras but I am looking forward to it... will be such a fun!  :) :D