Beyond Blue

Started by fleetwood, July 18, 2015, 04:41:13 PM

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I was asked about how the Maxfield Parrish colors were done in one of my Mt. Belcher renders.

(This is rather lurid and non-photoreal stuff so let me say the obvious easy way to get this effect is simply adjust the saturation of the finished render in your favorite image editor )

In my render I used two atmospheres, a primary one for the cobalt blue tints for the sky and a secondary one with normal Tweaks section to use standard red sky decay and plenty of oranges in the terrain.

This example TGD also uses a blue no shadow sun opposite the shadow casting white sun. Adds a bit of blue to the shadow side of things that Parrish often used.


Cool, when my current render finishes I'm gonna give this a try. Thanks very much.
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