My first effort with the LONG-awaited TG2!

Started by Mystikan, December 28, 2006, 04:57:30 am

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At last! It's here! I've been waiting nearly two years for this program to come out - Having been a long-time user of Terragen, I saw the awesome images in the gallery and have lusted for TG2 ever since.

So here is my very first go with it. I know it's a bit rubbishy - I have much to learn. Those trees look very uniform, I'll have to get my head around those distribution shaders. But what I REALLY craved was... ***VOLUMETRIC CLOUDS!*** Ahh, at long long last, I finally get to have clouds in FRONT of my mountains! I'll definitely be overusing this feature in my upcoming pics... (If anyone's interested, you can see some examples of my earlier Terragen work in my gallery.)

And I'm glad the PS crew are going to work on getting the render time down. I'd recently upgraded my PC to a nice new P4 3.4GHz dual-core, and I was just getting used to Terragen going from 40-80 minutes per render to around 5-10! Now it's back to 40+ minutes again - oh well, I guess if you want the photorealism, you have to pay the time... :)



Trees as far as you can see! Have you tried adding a fractal Shader to the Density setting of you tree population? It should break up the pattern and make them more random.
I just need to tweak that texture a bit more...