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Started by Dune, May 24, 2015, 11:53:58 am

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Remember the series I was working on with the Ice Age, Stone Age, etc, until Medieval times? They were meant to be foldout spreads for a Landscape Biography about the Drentsche Aa, an old Dutch River system (Landschapsbiografie van de Drentsche Aa). The 500 page book will be presented on 2 July, and can be pre-ordered through for €28,50 until June 1.
I don't think (m)any of you will do so, but just in case.....
The book is in Dutch, rather scientific with lots of graphics and photo's, but also has my five 72x32cm Terragen illustrations.


Very nice. With your knowledge and handling of TG, this must have been a fun project for you.


Well, fun... it was a tough cooky, especially since the client(s) weren't very clear about their wishes at the beginning and throughout the process. But working it out in TG was great indeed!


Excellent, those were some of my favorite works of yours in the past couple years.

- Oshyan


Congrats, Ulco!!! Looks great!




Congrats, Ulco.Would like to see the book.