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Started by yossam, June 09, 2015, 01:16:28 pm

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I don't know how many might be interested in this. The dynamic hair in Poser is not export friendly at all. It usually causes a program crash when trying. I accidently ran across a free program that converts the "lines" in Poser to polys and exports an .obj. See's not perfect, you still have to texture with a simple color and manually place the hair on your figure. It's better than it was.

You might be able to UV map the .obj to get better textures............might have to play and see. If anyone's interested, let me know, I'll post a link to the program.


Could be useful from a certain distance.


I didn't see your thread so I don't know.  ;)


It has been eaten.


^^ probably came off bad :-\  ;) Of course I respect your problem solving skills! But I think this is a problem that cannot be solved. You are starting from a place that is fundamentally screwed. Like trying to use water to start a camp fire... Ok not that bad, but close enough.

Remember we talked about modo, Yossam? Well 901 was released. check out all the videos, but here look at "hair and fur" first. I had been waiting for the new release and to learn who would buy MODO as a company. But I don't even care about the last bit now. Its awesome! MODO is a beauty IMO.

Now this thread and all others are about how to get stuff from other soft into TG. Which is reasonable. But the easier solution is to get TG into other soft. If matt makes the export of TG terrains into other soft, as some threads have hinted at (output Vectors plus some other stuff), easier... THen?
Plus when ambilinc and FBX object support come on line, we should pretty much be able to do whatever the hell we want anyway we want!

The new MODO even comes with free Digital tutors support!

Did you ever decide about MODO then? Just watch those videos in the link I posted here. It should help make up your mind, it did me.
It has been eaten.


I rather prefer to use hairdos that are compatible with DAZ Studio. Most of the "hair" type content there comes with the opacity maps so you can export hair AND person as an object file. Then, after adding color map, you can add opacity image to the hair and split hair into, quite literally, single streaks. With a little extra bit of effort, you can even achieve an effect of a healthy, shiny hair and all that looks beautiful whether from a distance or when doing close-ups. Very flexible. This works best for me.
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