WM Heightmap Spikes

Started by WAS, June 18, 2015, 01:37:44 PM

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How does one rid noisy heightmaps from being spikes? My friend has WM and has made me several maps which will work fine for him in Vue, Cinema4D, and his programs, but Terragen renders it into nothing but a spikey mess. Flatten surface is on. I tried turning off fractal detail, and lowering displacement. Nothing seems to work.


What does the terrain normally look like? A screenshot from the 3D view in WM would be helpful. My guess is the altitudes have been significantly increased (multiplied) in TG. WM's TG output has long had an issue with improper scaling. I'd suggest trying potentially some other output format like TIF, or just use a Heightfield Adjust Vertical to precisely match the indicated elevation range *in WM*.

- Oshyan


Isn't there a displacement smoothing option with polys, quads etc when you export? I'll check just talkin outta my brain right now.


I'll try and have him just output to tiff then. I'm not sure what settings he has, all I know is he isn't sure what's wrong as they work fine in his programs.