Fantasy animated WIP

Started by Hannes, June 15, 2015, 04:28:30 am

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Some great ideas! I'll have to take the time and see, what I can make out of that. Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Very inspiring!


I decided to divide the whole thing into three shots. The first one starts with a closeup on the trees on one of the rocks revealing that it's a floating rock during the animation. The second one is a move from the rocks to the village and the final one will be a shot with the camera circling above the village showing some details. I'll add some more stuff to the village, making it a bit more interesting (hopefully!). At the moment I am testing some wind animation of the trees on the rocks (I replaced the original rocks that had the trees as part of the object by the same ones without trees and added a population of the trees to make them animatable).
I planned to composite the three scenes with some nice cross fading. It's going to take some time, since I'll be on vacation next week. Two weeks in Greece! I hope, I'll be coming back!! ;)


Great. And try not to get the blame, Hannes, while down there  ;) Safe return!


Thanks, Ulco.
At least the local breweries will prosper, while I'm there, I guess... ;)