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Started by TheBadger, July 12, 2015, 12:19:27 am

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A long while back I was in a pet store. One of the "pets" you could buy was a frog.

This was a very very strange frog. It was bigger than my hand (and I am no shrimp). Fat as heck too (the frog, not me). They kept it in a class container not muck bigger than the frog. All it did was just sit there in the moss and be super fat and comical looking.

Any idea what kind of frog this was? Yes I know pretty vague. But if you had ever seen it you would know what I was asking about.

I want to get some source images and play with an idea for a model, but can't remember anything else that will help me find the frog name.

Just thought I would try here.

Ahh, I think this is one. Look at this goofy thing! http://jupiterjenny.deviantart.com/art/Pixie-frog-3-152191029

! https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/b2/70/e8/b270e8c2e06afb913ae3ef7ad37a7651.jpg:o :o :o :o

This animal is obsurd  ;D ;D
It has been eaten.


It has been eaten.


The 2nd pic kinda looks like a young Jabba the Hut.  ;)


I wonder if thats in part what they based Jabba on? Is that why you said it, or just an observation?
It has been eaten.


Just an observation on my part............who knows, George may have one as a pet.  ;)


Nice pet. I use to have frogs and toads and salamanders (are they called salamanders?). Great to watch when they go hunting for worms I threw in. The trouble with these giants is that if they escape or set free in a natural environment they gobble up all existing fauna.
You have to feed them good, I presume, chihuahuas, or something.


Cane Toad ?  you can still buy them as pets but more famous as pests.


Careful! 5-MeO-DMT is fatal in ovine. Not sure about Badgers.
:P :o 8)


@ dune,
Yes, "salamander", is the word I know for salamanders. We used to hunt for them too when I was a kid.
Never see things like that as an adult. But when I was a kid I spotted all kinds of things I never see anymore.

@ Fleetwood,
Now tell me the frog in your image does not look like he is plotting murder! That frog looks pissed!
"Cane Toad " or "pixy frog", two names for the same thing, perhaps based on region? I will look it up now that I have something to go on. Thanks.

HA HA! I had to take a second to get it, but pretty funny. Now I have to look up the chemical too ;D


Look at the meat hooks on fleetwood's pic! Those (paws?) are hilarious. I want to do to this frog what breeders did to the American and Russian wild pig. Tell me an invasion of 100 pound frogs would not make for a good story. I know I would be planted on the couch watching 24/7 news coverage of the war against the frog invasion.
It has been eaten.


I'm like you Badger, used to see all kinds of critters when I was younger. I remember one that kinda stood out from the rest. My Dad called it a "blue tailed skink" The main part of the body and head was black and white mottled, the tail was a brilliant shade of blue with a metallic sheen. If you picked up the critter by the tail, it would break off and the critter would get away. My Dad said the tail would grow back. I haven't seen on in decades.  :o


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Yeah, I don't want to romanticize youth, but there is magic in the world that dies when you get older. I have been showing my son (will be 5 in Aug! ;D) the world. I tell you, looking at things through his eyes is a real blessing. So many good memories and feelings come back when I am with him. And Ill get to do it again when my girl is a bit bigger :)

Not that I am all jaded and never feel good about the world. But try to see the world like you did before you knew much about it... Its a lot easier when you got your kid to see it through. I just have a blast and am not embarrassed at all about playing and acting the fool when I am outside with him. when you see him observe something interesting for the first time you can almost remember the first time you saw it as well, and that feels pretty great.

The funny part is I did not see this frog for the first time until I was 20. But its so damn goofy I still feel like a little kid when I look at it ;D ;D ;D

Oh, and Puppies. If puppies don't make you happy you are probably satan.
It has been eaten.