Basic crowd sim possibility

Started by Kadri, August 06, 2015, 09:08:02 pm

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Another small test with a population of rocks and shattering.


Amazing, Kadri!! I'm glad you're continuing this thread.


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Doodling with these features is fun you know. Especially if you are waiting for renders to finish.


Neat little gif, nice find, not an Easter egg as such, but still! :)


They do leap off that one little bump tho, don't they. Cool!



I have a scene in my mind. Curious if it would work for a real project other then some basic GIF's.


Another test. There are other ways too of course but i was curious if this kind of work could be done with a population animation.
There are 3 objects. A basic cylindrical object (that is very short in the Y axis) for the trunk, a basic leaf object and one square object to anchor the first two ones.




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cool developments here!
Great, Kadri!


Kadri, that looks amazing! Could you explain a little more detailed, what you've done, please?


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I wanted to post the file itself but in some way i must have screwed it up Hannes. That would be easier,sorry.
But the general principle is easier then it might look by reading it below:

*I made two very crude objects like in the image below.

*The scale of these objects are animated from small to big.

*I made another square object for anchoring the first two objects. This plane object stands vertical.
This objects scale is animated in the Y xis from small to big.
This makes the trunk part and leaves grow in the Y axis and is the most important part.
I used big numbers in the "a" spacing of the population to get few trunk parts (two plants in this example).
To get the trunk as a solid i just used a small value in the "b" object spacing (i made ropes, pipes with this approach earlier.)

*To get the displaced look of the trunk and leaves i displaced the square object with a powerfractal that is controlled with a surface layer by altitude (to get only displacement above a certain point of the ground.)

Hope this makes sense Hannes.