starfield jitters

Started by critch, September 05, 2007, 12:02:48 pm

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Using a starfield as a image shader, camera projection in the Background I get some serious star jitters in my animation.  GI is set to zero. Any suggestions


Terragen's renderer animates best when the texture position does not change with respect to a surface (including the background sphere). If your camera is moving and you have camera projection, the background sphere will sample the image differently on each frame.

Two possible solutions:

1) Use an image that is not higher in resolution than the final image. May need to go even lower res if the render detail is less than 1.


2) Use a separate, fixed, camera for the image projection. I think this is the best solution all round, since I don't think you want the background stars to follow your camera's movement anyway. You can use high resolution image maps using this technique.

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