Rock study

Started by Kadri, August 23, 2015, 09:00:16 pm

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Now make it happen only where you want, and only in the size and general shape you want.  Then teach me how! ;)

Nice playing kadri.
It has been eaten.


Thanks guys.

Arghhh! Wish you wanted anything but that Michael. You made me nearly want to try that...but just nearly  ;D

Jo Kariboo


This was another 2 year or so old scene.
Played with it with what i have learned since then.
There are no fakestones,it is mostly strata.
Especially the left far side is bad and needs to be changed.
I will work more on this (ground,fakestones etc.) and see what comes out.
Maybe a small animation where the camera pans around the hero rock structure.


The overall structures have loads of potential. I'd flatten out the steeper peaks in the far background a bit. Certainly add loads of stones and loose dirt. This can go places.    8)


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Wish there was a way to get the image (for the black and white pencil like texture) not getting smaller in the far side.
Using a distance mask and different layers from near to far might work probably.
There is postwork like over sharpening,contrast etc. to make the texture stand out more.

j meyer

 8) Me likey!
To my eyes it's more like inked than pencilled,though. ;)


Quote from: j meyer on November 01, 2015, 10:15:05 am
8) Me likey!
To my eyes it's more like inked than pencilled,though. ;)

LOL...if you say so  ;D




Looks very unusual. Cool!