The Dust

Started by DocCharly65, September 01, 2015, 01:11:56 pm

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Fantastic, Nils! That really looks awesome!
Out of curiosity: how many computers do you have? It must have taken ages to render all this?!


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Thanks to all of you  :)

Ulco, even to hurry will not help, because all the time there comes a new idea or a little improvement  ;)
some of the new scenes are only the old scenes but now with motion blur and the dust behind the Viper.
And last night I learned that mixing a sound track and cutting sequences will cost me much time even when all rendering is done.

Hannes, at the moment there are 4 PCs running.
The old server in the office for "slow" renderjobs which can wait for or which are mostly "save" or "final".
Another old HP with Core I3 for same reason and because it's quiet and I need not care about it while it's rendering.
And two Core I7 do the faster render jobs, if I want to see how a scene workes as animation. On these two PCs I also do most of the scene development when the tgd-file starts to get big  ;) ... or when I have a sudden idea like Lara or Planet of the apes. So their render jobs are often stopped.

Except the server in company all PC are connected via network and are synchroized 2-3 times a day so I have all project files quite save in some copies.

The whole project already includes 190 GB data in >46,000 files and 1,219 folders  ;D

One Core I7 is waiting for installation but first I would have to backup and clean an old PC... Not enough time! This old PC and another one are not in use for TG because they are too weak for my terragen projects - I tried to open my poolhouse tgd on one of them and it needed >20 minutes to open all objects and populations.

The last month I changed the electricity tariff and hope to save about 700-800 € per year... and it's never cold in my flat  ;D

... I'll have to keep patient: "Star Wars Downunder" needed 10 years to get finished  :o ;)

j meyer

Yeah,cool,funny and making you want to see more.
Any merchandise stuff already? ;)


That's a lot of scenes in that teaser already! Seems like a monster project for sure. Yes, editing effort should not be underestimated. Especially when you are detail obsessed. But it's worth it, IMHO.