Time for something new (a personal note)

Started by Oshyan, January 19, 2020, 02:31:12 pm

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How could I miss this! 4 months!

Oshyan, that are on one side sad news and I'll miss you as the others do too! On the other side I wish you the best and that all your dreams will come true!
Seems as if it was 100 years ago that you took me here on board when I only was on the search for the TG 0.8x software :)

Anyway I am sure you'll visit us here the one or the other time :) 
Good luck! And these days more than ever before: Stay healthy!


Hi Alois, and Doc, I am just now reading your replies. Thank you for your kind words, it has indeed been quite a journey. I am glad to have met you both here and I always appreciate and am inspired by your art. I will be interested to see what you both do in the future, so I will check back from time to time. Today, just a very brief return to answer a private message, so do not expect much yet. ;) But I hope you are both well, indeed that everyone here is doing OK with these current global challenges. Take care!

- Oshyan

Ariel DK

Hi Oshyan, i can't explain how i missed this thread 4 months, but today i came here just for my own, suspecting that something could have happened, and honestly with some worry due everything what is happening in this difficulties moments. Firstly, i'm happy to see you're fine, and looking for new challenges, at same time my egoist side is sad, not only for all your useful and patient advices, but mostly for your huge contribution to the TG community. i would like to tell you i'm on a similar moment, resolving the course of my life during my next decade so, i perfectly understand decisions like the yours. finally, it was a real pleasure work with you all these years, i wish you the best! and good luck! hope to see you here around soon...
Hmmm, what version of Terragen does God use?

Shield Wulf

He was super with me every time I needed help  he was there to assist. I know I will miss him very much. Much good luck to him in his future endeavors for sure.
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