Need Help for a scene for Dragon Ball Z

Started by YoHan, September 03, 2015, 05:49:53 pm

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Hello everyone,

I am contacting you on behalf of a small group of dedicated people working together in a Non-Profit Organisation to produce a short fan film based on the "Dragon Ball Z" universe, entitled "The Fall of Men".

This 26 minute long, live action film was born out of passion and shot a year and a half ago, on a ridiculously low 2,000€ budget, bringing to life characters loved by millions of fans around the globe.

The teaser (available here: ) created quite a buzz and carried the director and artistic director from France all the way to LA for an exclusive presentation of the first six minutes of the film at the Comikaze, last November. The feedback was amazing and fans are now impatiently awaiting for the film to be released.

Since then, this passionate team of volunteers has been working hard on post-production for this FX and 3D intensive movie and we are now getting closer to the end of this adventure: the release of the movie in LA at the end of october.

For a scene in a movie, we were unable to get the shots we needed, namely a large green landscape seen from above the clouds to serve as background for 3-sec max while a 3D character is flying along a very long tower.

A lot of Terragen users give me this forum and tell me to ask for help.
I was wondering if maybe someone could help us doing this shot?
You could create the scene and we can provide the heavy rendering or maybe do you have a scene already set up like this :

This is our reference shot from Man of Steel, we need the same ground and clouds to match our real scenes :

Would you be open to the idea of talking about it?

Obviously, you would be fully credited in the movie and you would help us achieve the level of quality we thrive to attain for our project.
We would be forever thankful.

Feel free to contact me: I am entirely at your disposal to answer any question you may have on the project, the team or the film.

Sincerely yours,

Writer, Director & Producer