And why not, even more rocks

Started by Dune, September 17, 2015, 02:26:06 am

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something borrowed,
something Blue.
Ring out the Old.
Bring in the New
Bobby Stahr, Paracosmologist


I might elaborate on this one with better veggies. Renders fast also, 30min, as no compute terrain needed.


Hmmm...I don't me this is quite a big step back from where you came from.
The last ones I commented on, were the best by far if you'd ask my truly honest opinion?


I'm with Martin. This last one is fine really, but not as good as some previous IMHO.

- Oshyan


I like the one on this page. Just because the feeling of it is good. It feels like a place in a movie. But I like the stones on the last page better. In a few of those images where the square noise work is just about perfect.

The only major problem left that you don't appear to have full control over is the degree of the vertical of the square rocks, relative to the slop of the main hills. If you can get the rocks on the hills to be almost totally vertical apart from the slop of the hill they are apart of, then I think you will basically have solved it.

You do already have that going on in some of the images, but it looks like that it is happening random on its own. If you can find a way to control that as you like, then yeah, you did it, I think 8) 8) 8)
It has been eaten.


The one in reply #104 was set in a local simple shape gully with height restrictions. I might try putting that node set in a procedural terrain, which the last one is. Changing seeds of terrain and distribution of rock there always gives a 'good' result, and the road always passes through the rock outcrops. But I agree the #104 is nicer; they're totally different setups; I'm just exploring all possibilities.


The last one may not be the best, but nevertheless it's fantastic. Indeed like out of a movie.


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Another setup again. The strange shadow in the sand is due to a slope restriction in a displacement intersection, a common problem.

Added a better version (no slope restriction in sand layer) with some different seeds also.


Thanks, Kadri, then here's one more.


I like the choice in colors. The separation of soft and hard terrain along with the rock talus is a nice touch.


Nice - the colours are great - wish all my experiments turned out this well!


I can't exactly describe why, but the last one looks best for me.



The last one hits it right in that there is a pattern in the rock structure but with enough breakup that it does not seem engineered and appears very natural. Also that scree field or looser rock in the top helps here by being different from the rest. The only thing that I noticed that was not as natural is the sand boundary which is a bit too clean, too abrupt. It really is an amazing feat. To think that these rocks are generated and designed to look this