power fractal shader v3 crash - repeatable

Started by PredatorPF, August 26, 2015, 05:31:56 AM

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Hi there,

I found a bug in Terragen concerning the power fractal shader v3.

Repeat these steps to recreate the crash:

1) open a new or just any scene

2) in the node view, create a new power fractal shader v3. Do not link this to any other node.

3) right click node > open preview in new window

4) right click node > settings

5) start changing values (like color contrast and offset... or feature scale, etc.) for a minute or so

6) crash

My system:

Windows 10
i7 3930
770 gtx
asus x79 pro
32gb DDR-3 1866


Confirmed. Luckily I don't use that preview window.


Confirmed. We'll take a look at it and should be able to resolve it in the future. Thanks for the report.

- Oshyan


Wish I'd seen this a while back...wouldn't have had all those crashes as I have been designing PFs that was as well...will follow the prescribed advice re: this....
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