Started by AP, October 15, 2015, 07:10:15 pm

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Ground debris is another story of course, but I still would like to try my hand at some of the shown sand structures (if time permits). Using some well taken photo's and derived displacement maps in combination with TG ground can be very nice, but only in front and sparsely used. I used the stone pop for some wood splinters and branches in some renders, in a bit of distance that works fine, but you can't populate huge areas, or you can have a holiday whilst populating.

Sand, huh...


QuoteThe rock object is a pain to use and honestly i do not see anyone using it that i am aware of.

I kinda like it. It takes textures really nicely. I used the rock object on pg1. but yeah I don't notice it being used too often either. I have some ideas for it, but I need to find some very specific image maps to use on it.

It has been eaten.


It seems slow to me, a bit difficult to understand certain parts and adding displacement to those objects is difficult. Interestingly enough i have a far more easy time adding all sorts of displacement effects to the sphere and cube objects, only one issue though is that they can't be made into populations.