Deleting lake object causes crash

Started by rajm, October 24, 2015, 02:46:43 PM

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At least it does here, start terragen with new scene, add lake and then delete it - I tried both in the water area and pressing delete and the 'right click' menu from the node network.
Traceback starts

  0 0x000000007b849e5b in kernel32 (+0x29e5b) (0x000000000022eb88)
  1 0x00007eff48d36a72 _CxxThrowException+0x91() in msvcrt (0x000000000022eb88)
  2 0x00007eff4881f370 throw_exception+0x1bf() in msvcp100 (0x000000000022eb88)
  3 0x00007eff4881f8e3 _Xout_of_range+0x92() in msvcp100 (0x0000000000000009)
  4 0x00000001805141cd in tglib (+0x5141cc) (0x0000000000000009)
( running under ubuntu/wine)

For the moment I'll disable the object!



Thanks for the report. This doesn't happen every time on our test machines, so hopefully it's not every time for you either. But we definitely can reproduce it, and similar issues. So we're looking into them, but they're a bit hard to track down so far. We're making progress, but I don't know when a complete fix will be available.

- Oshyan


Thanks for the feedback, I can workaround this for the moment!