winding river

Started by mogn, October 01, 2015, 10:19:46 AM

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According to professor Brian Cox all winding rivers has a has a ration between the river wave length
and the river with, between 10 and 14.

This river has a ratio near 10.

Creating a smooth profile (mask) with zero values and zero slope outside the limiting values x1,x2:

p = smooth step(x, x1, x2)
profile = 4*(1-p)*p

This profile has a max of one in the mid point of the range.
To create a flat river bottom the constant 4 is replaced with 4.2 and clamped to 0..1

The windings are created by replacing the x above by:
x' = x + 1500*perlin([0,0,z],1500, )

The profile (mask) multiplied by the original displayment (convert disp to  scalar)
is the mount od disk to subtract to the original disp.


Wish to understand what u talking about... ???
...but thx for the tgd. I will study it to learn something new.  :)
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Very Clever.  It would be nice to add some smaller scale curves to the large ones.


I saved this one. Thanks. Should help me at some point.
It has been eaten.