Geog Image Map Shader Issue with Georeferenced Coordinates

Started by nanogear, December 16, 2015, 05:52:32 PM

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When I use the geog image map shader to load a georeferenced image on a DEM terrain of Mt. St. Helens, I'm getting what appears to be bogus coordinates, (see attachment), and therefore the image doesn't appear on the DEM terrain.  The only way to see the image show up on the terrain is if I select "Position explicitly."  The images should be showing up where the red circle is.  The images I downloaded for this are shown in the other attachment.  Any idea what is causing this?



TG does not read the NAIP files correctly.  You can see in the co-ordinates box that they are not right.  Simply put in the correct corner lat and longs and it will work fine.  You can find the corner lat/longs in the meta data files that came with the downloads.


Hi Ryan,  I would do that if I had the lat/long coordinates of each corner, but I didn't get any meta data files with the download, only the image files.

Update:  I think I just found that meta data on the USGS website.  Let me give that a try.