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Started by Oshyan, December 11, 2015, 06:43:36 pm

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I have been looking at the leaves in the scene 1 image and I was wondering if Terragen 4 has new Leaf Rendering Technology.


Question. Can the Lens Effects be applied to other celestial objects?


No new "leaf rendering technology". That's an Xfrog Oak model I believe (I can get the specific model name if you're interested).

The lens effects are applied across the entire image so if you had, for example, a very bright planet or moon in your sky, you'd see a glow (and perhaps even a "starburst" if it was crazy-bright, like a star/sun).

- Oshyan


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Thank You. I more or less figured everything would be effected but i wanted to make certain before jumping to a conclusion.


Hello everyone,

Very impressed with Terragen 4 Clouds, i am coming from Vue, never used Terragen before.  New Terragen 4 clouds will be an immediate trigger to migrate from Vue, i think it is very common issue with realistic Cumulus clouds, can you guys please post more overviews of the new cloud system, specifically complicated clouds like Cumulus, Cumulonimbus  etc...   In other words, will it will be possible to design and render clouds like this:


Thank you


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Welcome to the forum :)

I think all of those cloud types will be possible. In fact those shapes are possible with Terragen 3 already, but it can be difficult to make them look realistic because of the lighting. The new light scattering algorithm in TG4 will make it easier to make these look good. In terms of modeling the shapes, we hope to be able to introduce some new cloud creation techniques for TG4, but we haven't done that yet so I don't want to make any promises just yet. Even so, we're very interested in developing easier-to-use cloud creation tools in future, so this is an area where you should keep an eye on Terragen.

Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.

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Hi, it would be good that we can export the cubes as an object in FBX format, as I often used to make houses where castles.


Ok... The lense effects make it for me... where must I send the money?...
I hope not tooooo much money because I will need a reserve for pixelplow. I'll have to rerender all my star trek animations ...  ;)

But serious:
- How much faster will rendering with the new version be? Is there any number?
- Didn't I see it or are there no price- or upgrade-offers until now?


We'll share more details of the render time improvements in the future. The speed-up can vary quite a lot, from 30% faster to, er, 300% (really!) in some specific cases. :D Most of the improvements are in scenes that use a lot of imported 3D models, so basically raytracing is faster. The really big performance gains are in situations where shadows in atmosphere or clouds are being calculated from a 3D object.

You should be able to login to your account at http://planetside.co.uk/store-login and see upgrade options in the online store. Unless you're running Terragen 3 Creative, which we haven't added to the upgrade options quite yet.

- Oshyan


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Sorry for the late reply - Matt, thanks for considering the ideas.

Just wanted to say how fantastic the addition of the ozone factor is. I've always wondered how to achieve certain light moods for sunsets and it seems this one helps a lot with this. Another exciting improvement, well done!


OK OK, I tried to just sit here and not ask. They will get to saying what they are doing when they get to it, I told my self. But in a self delusional self important way, I want to believe I can somehow influence events around me. So...

vector output & rectangular noise?

It has been eaten.


Is it possible to save from the Ray Traced Preview?

Will there be PBR imported material possibilities?
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


We do intend to let you save images from the ray-traced preview. PBR material import is not currently planned, but it's something we're considering for the future.

- Oshyan


For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, check out the Ray-traced Preview demo video Part 2: http://terragen4.com/ray-traced-realtime-preview-part-2/
Just posted today. :)

- Oshyan


It's lovely, Oshyan, so I'm hoping for control on the size (like LARGE) I can save from this beautiful ray-traced view.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?