Started by mesocyclone, December 29, 2015, 05:43:10 pm

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Must keep walking...

Any suggestions welcome.


I like the idea u creating here. Feels like a fairy tail :)
My C&C: The big tree on the left looks wierd imho. It is like stretched or something and looks "flat". The stone on the left looks out of place. Not sure how to explain but when I look at it something is odd. I know its not helping much. :)
Grass could have some color variations imho.
Maybe some animals would be nice here.
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Interesting point of view.  The grass looks flat and it's lighting looks odd.  Animals would be nice and perhaps a lot more rocks.


With a better lighting this could be a killer image.
I smell additional lightsources!!! If I'm right try to turn them off (don't try to, do it!) and use a slightly increased environment light instead to brighten up the whole image.
AND use GISD with an occlusion weight of 1.5. It's worth it.
The grass could be a bit more ramdom in size and the bright plants in distribution and size.


I think it needs more direct sunlight dappled onto the grass, so I'd move the sun to a better position. And get rid of the wooden cart. And perhaps resize the trees a bit; they are quite large. Or add some more shrub.


Big potential...all the good critiques already done...bash on, we await magic happening....
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Like the idea/concept/composition very much. The scale is giving me vertigo though.
It has been eaten.


Defiantly agree with what has been mentioned so keep at it.