Grass clip tute for Erwin0265

Started by bobbystahr, January 20, 2016, 02:41:41 PM

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So, here's the .tgd. Originally in the image you saw I had the .tgc assigned to the Colour Function of the grass clump, but have included in this file also set up for colour variation (Default shader 01,Colour tab in the object populator tab)but not connected. You can check either out solo by disconnecting the Colour Tab one and connecting the Default shader 01 colour function. They are both in this .tgd but you may want to use the Colour Tab one as it turns very black(the grass)with no variation through the Default shader 01. With the Colour variation tab you have to drag the slider to at least 2 (higher numbers = brighter grass) to get it working I've found. I've used image maps in this so you will get errors but you can easily see where they are in the node panel so just replace them with your own maps or use Power Fractals in their stead.
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Hey Bobby,
Just been trawling the forums and "lucked" in on this; thanks!
I'll have to check it out when I'm not otherwise distracted (anytime within the next few, er... years?!).
Seriously,thanks for the time and effort.
Downloading now [will play with tomorrow, after my 'puter finishes building the largest WM terrain I have ever (tried to) make (16384 x 16384)]..........
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