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Started by microwar, February 29, 2016, 10:13:15 AM

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Hi, and thanx for a great program, and even greater forum.

Got a question about cpu load during rendering.
I have Terragen 3 64bit, and a 6 core amd prosessor.
When i render, it uses 100% of my cpu, but when it has less than 6 "blocks" left to render, i expected the cores that was done with their work, would drop down to idle.
Instead the load is spread out over all cores.

Why is that so, and why don't terragen use the free cpu power to speed up the remaining blocks?
Sometimes this would help alot when 1 of the blocks is realy heavy to render.


For now it is the way Terragen works.
There are different posts about this in the forum. This is one of them:


Maybe it will change in the future.


Went through exactly the same thing a few months ago.  Apparently this is just the way TG3 works.