Real Glow on an Object

Started by Erwin0265, February 29, 2016, 10:23:36 PM

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QuoteAlso post it here as a pdf or preferably as an image file.
Umm, you do realise that there are 26 test renders?
I found an online PDF converter and converted my 52MB Word document to a 1.43MB PDF file!
I must admit, I never realised how much smaller in size the file would be converting from Word to PDF............
So, although I do hope to include the animated gif suggested by N-drju (with Chis' help) and then perhaps add it to the wiki (if people think it worthy), I've attached it here for anyone who's interested.
Please let me know if there's anything unclear or there are any typos (I write in English, not American  ;)).
OK, who farted?


A clean, neatly organized tutorial / manual. Thanks for sharing and taking your time to write it - it's not easy at times!

By the way... Allied Fleets Destroyer's crew has a wide selection of light bulbs / electricians. :D
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QuoteA clean, neatly organized tutorial / manual.
Writing tutorials is easy (I used to be a teacher); learning Terragen; now that's not easy!  :P
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I can take those images within the PDF and convert over to GIF. Then they can go over to the WIKI.


Sounds like a plan.
Is there anything else you need from me?
I wish I could master Terragen this easily........... ;)
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I would need the pictures separated because on the PDF, there are two to each page. That way i can make the GIF animation per each image.


OK, who farted?


It will not take long, just a few minutes to convert.


What about adding a light haze in the scene? Something like a very thin clouds to help having a nice glow?

That's pretty much what would happen in reality, unless you want the kind of glow a camera lens is creating... in that case you're pretty much stuck with insanely high luminosity values and hope to have the Anti-aliasing bloom do the job.


Sorry for slow response; had to reformat communications PC (twice) thanks to unauthorised updates by MS which resulted in loss of audio...
Chris; gif done? Are you familiar (ie. have a clue) as to how to combine our stuff and upload to PS wiki?

Kyl; although I haven't tried it (doing others things currently), I cn't imagine it would be too useful as the distance from camera to hanger bay (what's shown in the test renders) isn't that much so a slight increase in haze wouldn't really be noticed; a greater increase and it would look like a foggy night in space (remember, in space, no-one can hear you scream  see haze).  ;)
OK, who farted?


Quote from: Erwin0265 on March 10, 2016, 05:12:08 AM
(remember, in space, no-one can hear you scream  see haze).  ;)

hee hee hee
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