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Contest Rules

How to render 360-degree images for submission

If you have Terragen 3 Professional or Terragen 3 Professional with Animation, you can render with a spherical camera. This is the simplest way to render a 360-degree view.

1) Enable "spherical" on the camera node.

2) Usually you want to ensure that the camera's rotation is level with the horizon (set X and Z rotations to 0).

3) Set the image width to be 2x the image height. E.g. 2000 x 1000.

4) Render an image.

If you don't have a version that can render with a spherical camera, use the 360-degree cube setup here:,21257.msg212927.html#msg212927

How to submit your entries

Upload your renders here:

Came here with the link from the contest page looking for the rendering clip files the link was supposed to reveal....

Hi Bobby, I'll upload that later today.

I support this  ;D


--- Quote from: Matt on March 04, 2016, 12:26:39 AM ---Hi Bobby, I'll upload that later today.

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thanks Matt.


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