Why can't the US adopt metric measurements??

Started by moodflow, August 24, 2007, 12:59:51 pm

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Well I'm glad they've stopped trying to pressurise us brits. Speaking as a guy who grew up while there was all this tossing and turning between the two ways of measuring things I cannot now use either metric or imperial. They both confuse me :( Also, the pint was invented by Jesus Harold Christ in London, 1337. It was decided to be the perfect size drink to make you comfortably merry (when drank at a reasonable pace, or 'downed' as our booze-culture would call it).

Harvey Birdman

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Is THAT what the 'H' stands for!? I've always wondered...



I use both for measuring, partly depending on the distance... but I guess that's because my feet are 1 foot and my arm span is 2m  ;)  I wonder if my cubit is 50cm?

I grew up during the conversion process so I can quite happily switch between the two but kids today seem to find it confusing learning about a system that is not widely in use, pretty much because they don't need to use the old measurements in their day to day life.

We got a speed limit increase along the way (30mph went to 60km/h in local streets) and it's taken years to bring it back to 50km/h after compiling lots of statistics that the additional 10km/h contributed to a lot of serious injuries/deaths of pedestrians.