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Started by Mohawk20, March 07, 2016, 09:22:40 AM

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I think this is a great idea for a challenge!
There are a lot of places that would be great to view in 360. But only as long as there is something interesting happening in more than one spot, so that requires some new ways of thinking... I like that!

I was recently working on a scene with a bridge that needed to look luxurious, but not sturdy... I came up with this:
So a nice 360 view would be from the middle of the bridge.
What do you think?

I'm gonna go to find some more projects with objects in them...


Same feelings here. Get creative! I like your bridge setup.


Yes, *on* the bridge is cool! Put fish in the water below you? ;)

- Oshyan


Cool canyon, neat idea on the bridge!



It has been eaten.


I'm now working on another scene, with lights, water and a ceiling...
Now the problem is that the lights do not have a visible object. And the original viewpoint of the scene didn't have water between the camera and the lights, they only illuminate the ceiling. But as I venture out across the water, test renders show visible light objects in the reflection, but not on their actual location.
Is this a bug?
It's in version 3.3.04. I downloaded the update, but haven't installed it yet (busy rendering ;)
It does pose a problem for the 360 experience if it persists...


Lights can be made visible. Enable "visible object", decide how big you want the light to be and enter that in "source radius". Terragen will then render it as a luminous sphere, nothing fancy.

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I know the visible object can be enabled and disabled. I chose for disabled, so no object is visible, because that looks better. However, in the reflection only, object is visible anyway.

Sorry for the confusion in the previous post.


Ah, I see. To prevent the light from being visible in reflections, disable "specular highlights".
Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.




best bridge so far this year, and I was on a quest for a while. nicely built. this'll be a great entry for sure.
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Fascinating. I like what i see so far.


Question that may be slightly off topic:
I'm checking to see if one of my old scenes (Hanging Valley Contest entry actually) can be used for 360 rendering, and it's one big mess! I don't know how I ever could have worked like this...
I have a Compute Terrain node, and directly after that a Compute Normal node, then comes a strata node.
The question is this: I don't need the Compute Normal here, do I? The Compute terrain does that same, doesn't it?

Henry Blewer

The compute terrain calculates the compute normal, I believe. I always use the compute terrain node myself.
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I think you can leave it out, but you might need the smaller patch size (default in compute normal). Depends on what happens after.