Now I know...

Started by DocCharly65, March 08, 2016, 04:03:10 AM

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Now I know... why I did this last month...  ;D ;D ;D


Even a 12000x6000 is already finished - but I think a 210 MB bpm
or 12 MB jpg is not the pefect upload size here    ;D
There should be 5 more POVs? Hope I'll have enough time!

And also I am not sure if perhaps one of my many animation projects are ideally suited for 360° views - the Viper and R2 D2 in the desert eg.?

And must the 6 POVs be submitted at once? or can they be submitted step by step?


You don't need to render that many viewpoints, unless you want to.

The rules say:
Choose between 1 and 5 locations (camera positions) in your scene. The judges are more likely to chose entries that demonstrate that they have multiple locations which could be turned into 360-degree views, not just a single location. However, single-location scenes are also allowed, so don't be afraid to submit a scene even if it only has one location.

Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.


The "views" should all be from the same scene, if you choose to do more than 1 "view" in a scene. But you can also submit *multiple separate scenes*.

- Oshyan


Sorry Matt, my mistake- I read the rules but I have mistaken a word:

It's written "Choose between 1 and 5 locations (camera positions) in your scene."
I read: "Choose between 1 or 5 locations (camera positions) in your scene."

A second one is absolutely possible but 5 would have been too much.

It's because even if you would render the big versions, I want do render it once on my own to check that (most) of the details are ok. E.g. I very often had nice looking 1280x720 renders but in 1920x1080 they look catastrophic.

Oshyan, that's interesting, thanks for the information.

Jo Kariboo

An incredible array of items and very well placed!!!