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OK, is this the right place for WIPs?
About two weeks ago I was just about to post an image, when I accidentally read about the VR challenge. I had created an interior scene with the well known Sponza Atrium model and a beautiful leather sofa from "" and some more models from there.
So then I decided to give it a go. I don't know yet if this scene will work in a VR environment, but there's nothing to lose. In the meantime I added loads of models, so that there is some stuff everywhere the camera points to.
I had to rework the texturing of almost every model. Sometimes completely, so it was a lot of work so far, but I love it. I'd love to live in a place like this!

Here are three views of this scene. Still some work to do, and then I'll have to find some nice places to put the camera(s).

Nice............... :D

Thanks Yossam!
Funny, I got some sort of caustics as well. Wasn't intended, but since I had to use a very high transparency value for the beer I got it for free!
Actually it's probably the light bouncing off the beer mesh (?)

Beer is magic!!!

That's a GISD effect, I believe. Unintentional but cool.

Nice scene!

- Oshyan


Nice scene Hannes.


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