Export Terragen terrains as vector displacement map

Started by digitalguru, March 14, 2016, 10:50:55 AM

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Interesting. I still use the   64 bit  version but it works.
This is the TGD file (that really just have the "Ray trace objects" unchecked and a micro exporter added).
The image is from Lightwave with the exported Terragen OBJ file.


Thanks Kadri. I managed to get it working too, same settings indeed. I don't know what went wrong in my 64-bit attempt. I will try that again.


Quote from: bla bla 2 on April 24, 2016, 12:02:35 PM
This software can read the tgo format?

Please be more clear if you can.

But, I think that you mean to ask, what can be output FROM TG? Anything, TG can import,m can be output as an OBJ terrain with RTO off when rendering out an object. The obj can then be read in any other soft depending on memory limits. But MudBox *cannot* read tgo as far as I have ever heard, if that is what you were asking.

It has been eaten.

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yes, so "Mudbox" can not read the tgo. It's good to know. 8)


can anyone help me out with the conversion math here?

so - say my maya cam exported fbx is at a scale of 100 - keep the geo back and forth at a scale of 1.

if my simple shape is set to a 5000 untit square..

displace a 1x1 plane in mudbox with this 4k vector map - displace with absolute tangent - leave the advanced values at default
limit the displacement value to 10?

export said displaced plane back into maya..

try and get that to line up with the exported obj from the terragen file.. scale of ?

my mudbox knowledge is limited -

right now i know my values are off in this chain, as the displaced geo from mudbox and the exported geo from terragen are not matching... even with what feels like an appropriate scale on the mudbox geo.. the displacement height and the exported terragen geo do not line up.

any help appreciated. It would be great to be able to get cleaner export geo back into maya for holdouts etc.




so a displacement value of 5 and then a post scale of 17.5 seems close, but not quite right..
is there a way to get these to actually line up?
in theory it seems there should be?


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I would think so, if it's displacement. And it is.


Quote from: digitalguru on March 14, 2016, 10:50:55 AM
Hi all,

I've just posted a video tutorial on how to export a Terragen terrain as a vector displacement map.

Useful for rendering in an external application as vector displacement, or exporting the terrain to a sculpting program to refine and then re-importing to Terragen.

Terragen project files attached.

Hope you find it useful, comments and feedback very welcome!

Really appreciate the tutorial, thanks much for taking the time to put it together!  Subscribed!


Since there is a lot of talk about exporting terrains from TG to other 3D applications lately I think it might be helpful to re-surface this tutorial about exporting a vector displacement map.
cheers, Klaus
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Hum, in export the render 4096*4096, in micro export, I like it good, Use in 4096*4096 to export is this possible in the Micro Exporter 1e+006 and I ask how I add in to 4096*4096 ? 

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I can not export the texture of a land, what is the method to export the texture? ( If we can )


There is no texture export. The best you can do is a top-down orthographic render to use a texture map.

- Oshyan

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And too how we can see to a texture very details, when to the camera are far ? And for see of near the texture to the object ?