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Started by yossam, February 25, 2016, 03:05:32 PM

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I received a email containing the below as well as some more disheartening news. I know this will not affect any of you in the least..............but it pisses me off. rDNA was the "rebel" of the Poser community. Similar to Terragen in that respect. They offered a quality, no bs approach in their business model. Offer an above quality product at a very reasonable price. The forums were also similar to here, always someone going out of their way to help someone else.

All that will now disappear be absorbed into the Daz collective.
It is a sad day indeed................ :'(

"We are very excited to make a groundbreaking announcement today.  Runtime DNA Inc., and Daz3D recently merged.  Yes, it's true!  We are thrilled to become part of one of the most successful companies in our industry and we want you to be the first to know.  In the past month we have been on site at Daz to witness so much of what they have to offer.  The atmosphere for published artists is outstanding.  An entire team is at work right now to help us grow our brand while providing training so that are we continually expanding our product base.  We've become part of a group of people who truly care about our success.   
Daz and Runtime DNA share the same core values with regard to you, the member and customer.  It is one of most compelling reasons for us to take such a giant leap forward.  Seeing is after all, believing.  We had the chance to do so.   As a result  we are able to come to you today with such a powerful sense of renewal and confidence in our work, and what we are about to accomplish.
As many of you know, in July of 2015 we began releasing Daz Studio products into the Runtime DNA marketplace.  An instant hit in our store, Daz users everywhere contacted us through email and on site to let us know how happy they were to see us making DAZ products.  Talented Daz vendors stepped in privately and even helped guide DNA vendors to prepare Daz Studio products for our store.  We had a decision to make, and the choice was clear.  We built a new artistic platform for ourselves and we're so proud to become a part of something so powerful. 

We are forging a new way, a new life, and moving in a new direction.  Runtime DNA is now at home inside the explosive world of Daz3D.  The Daz commitment to excellence is unwavering.  Their technology keeps growing and expanding in a fluid, dynamic atmosphere of unbounded creative strength.  Runtime DNA has always been an artistic tour de force.   Together the future is so much brighter.  We've become one and we want you to join us. Be a part of it all right here at Daz."


There is some talk about this at Renderosity but not certain if it adds anything to the conversation.


I'm at crossroads here, because DAZ Studio is becoming my favourite software, at times even outpacing TG (let the hate be on me! :P) but I feel your pain yossam. Especially considering how much of your work is Poser-related. I think we all remember zombies vs. killer teddy bears?

I often expressed concerns that DAZ Studio marketing is misleading at best... They once had a beautiful graphic on their welcome page outlying the price difference between them and programs like Vue, Poser and many more with DAZ being 100% FREE!!

Sounds pretty cool, right? Until you find out that you have to pay several hundred $$$$ to get some content... Otherwise you are stuck with two basic figures, a dragon and some underwear. Not much choice. Unless you do porn... :P How is that free? :P


Also I am appalled by the fact that DAZ Store more or less willingly advocates the "cult of youth" - good luck finding an old or mid-forties character there! There is literally just ONE ageing morph pack to be found there. :P DAZ Store should have a huge banner on the main gate that reads "Your prime choice of big-boobs, slim waists, hourglass figures, six-pack abs and pixel-perfect faces! (Oh yeah... If you're over 25yrs old, GTFO!)" So if you fear that RDNA content will suffer from that merger... yeah, that's probably what's going to happen... :P

Sorry for that rant but I just could not resist.
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I mostly make everything from scratch, which is why it takes me so long :P

I lave a link folder with a bunch of poser humans that look rather real in the links. Never felt very confident that I would be able to use them in TG though or other soft, so never bought them. I keep the folder though. It may be that they will someday be useful.

Daz stuf all looks like daz stuff.
It has been eaten.


Sigh, another one bites the dust.......greed wins!
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My sentiments exactly Bobby.................... >:(


Business decisions tend to be a long drawn out and complex process. It would be good to hear more details from a representative of both or either companies which would be of great help, that is unless that already took place.