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Started by Jo Kariboo, March 22, 2016, 01:05:20 AM

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Jo Kariboo

Not certain that all the vegetations objects and others objects are accepted of these two pictures?
Said it me if it is not.
Thank you

picture1: xfrog, silva 3d and  Mr. Lampost. The plane https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/4429/fsx-lufthansa-airbus-a340-313/
I have problems with the clouds in low altitudes. No idea for improved.

picture2: xfrog, silva 3d, Ade Levi, Chris Stein and Upon Infinity. The ship http://www.domawe.net/2015/03/ship-free-3d-model-download.html

thank you for viewing.


Very nice, especially the second one.


the second one is really nice


Nice. I like the second one too. The rock walls look better from a distance.


It's always a pleasure to see your work!  :)  I'll join the consensus: the second one for sure is a keeper!

Jo Kariboo

Thank you Dune, majidkaviani, Kadri and zaxxon. Ok for the second!  :)

Jo Kariboo

Quote from: zaxxon on March 22, 2016, 07:53:43 PM
It's always a pleasure to see your work!  :)  I'll join the consensus: the second one for sure is a keeper!

Thank you zaxxon!


Both are wonderful images but I'd go with Pic 2 as well
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I echo all Jo, this is looking good!



loved this render when you did it,  looks fantastic in a headset !!
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Wow, fantastic.
I agree, the second one looks even better (imho), although the first one is great as well.

Jo Kariboo

Thanks all for your recommendation.  :)

Jo Kariboo


I added plants and object. Here is the list now for the following images. Hoping that it conforms to your settlement. As I mentioned earlier this Traid. Feel free to tell me if some of the objects can not be submitted for this contest.
Thank you

vegetations: Xfrog, Sylva 3D, Ade Levi, Mr. Lampost, Christ (for the moss)
rocks objects: Chris Stein and Upon Infinity.
birds Hannes
the ship http://www.domawe.net/2015/03/ship-free-3d-model-download.html

I forgot to eliminate the long title of each pictures.
Look at the end of the title ex. cam2 etc.
Thank you!


They look great. Would be nice to see them in full quality.
How are the render times by the way Jo?