Are you working on a Terragen VR Challenge submission? Weigh in!

Started by Oshyan, March 22, 2016, 03:39:31 PM

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Are you working on a submission for the Terragen VR Challenge?

Yes - Not Yet Submitted
16 (66.7%)
Yes - Already Submitted
8 (33.3%)

Total Members Voted: 24


We've already received a number of entries for the Terragen VR Challenge, with more than a week still left before our submission deadline. So we got curious about just how many people are working on (or have already submitted) entries. Let us know if you're toiling away in secret! We want to hear from you. :D

- Oshyan


I'm currently working on my third entry (2 submitted), and I have a fourth in mind (maybe a fifth if time allows).
As you can guess, I love this challenge!


Very busy right now but working on a submission. Hope I'll have time to render it before 31st



I've been working on a somewhat elaborate and weird world, which I'm about to send in, but I would also like to make something more 'of this world', if time permits. I hope you guys get lots of entries!



I have been very involved with my concept. If given enough time I may post a teaser soon.


Hi there Oshyan/folks, I am in, and will post some stuff when I get a chance (I have a couple of sketches I will try to put up), haven't been able to spend too much time on this one, so who knows.... I may even dig up my doomed Icelandic Saga! ;)
oh yeah, and one of my macs died again!!
this time I had to do a complete erase and reinstall....
fingers and toes crossed!



Doing final adjustments and rendering to submit in the next few days.



Doing some finishing work and will be submitting by Monday



Working on one. Not too hard what I am trying, but limited time. may not make it.
Also looked to use old files per the rules, but the one I wanted most for the contest has disappeared, really hope its just lost and not "recycled" :-\

This is a great contest and I really support PS getting into it. May end up only being moral support from me though :(

Certainly hope you get some great stuff, and am looking forward to seeing it all!
It has been eaten.


I only have had enough time and computing power to work on one project but I am close to being finished. The populating alone takes slightly over an hour's time. Maybe a couple of more test renders before final.


I don't like challenges much actually, but with my current financial position getting Terragen 4 for free would be nice of course.
Still doing models for the images and refining the terrains so much i can. Feels like a rush. Hope i can finish it in time.


I am working on something, and will be uploading by Tuesday.   But I am working with a free edition of TG. is it acceptable?