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Here is an official list of the entries (submissions) we have received so far. If you're not in this list then it means we have not received your entry at the time of writing this. If you think you have submitted an entry but you're not in this list, please contact us as soon as possible!

The submission page is here:

Current entries:

Ade Levi - Rails
Adrian Levi - Dought in the Hills
Adrian Levi - rail line
Alberto Cittone - Hidden Paradise
Alberto Cittone - Landscape
Alberto Cittone - Niagara
Alexander Grishin - Arctic landscapes
Alexander Grishin - In the field of sunflowers
Alexander Grishin - On top of the world
Alexander Grishin - Red planet over the hills
Alexander Grishin - Rocky landscape
Alexander Grishin - Snow canyon
Alexander Grishin - Snowy mountains at sunset
Alexander Grishin - Sunset on the coast
Allen Paynter - Other World
Allen Paynter - Other World II
Andy Wachelder - Kinds of islands
Andy Wachelder - RM Mountains
Ariel Kurachi - Somewhere in Hawaii
Bastien B - VR-4High and VR-Nuit-high4
Bastien Muller - Terra
Bobby Stahr (Robert Purves) - Chinese Bridge Scenes
Bobby Stahr (Robert Purves) - Eroded Lake Scenes
Bobby Stahr (Robert Purves) - Test Room Furnished
Cam Harne - Paradise
Chris Folea - Flooded
Darrell Henry - Wanderer's Respite
David Raffray - Spring River
Doug Campbell - Golden
Graham Cristie - Chalet VR
Gwyn Galloway - Dawn
Gwyn Galloway - Spring evening at the white tower
Hannes Janetzko - Hangar
Hannes Janetzko - My Home is my Castle
Jacques Dubuc - deans
Jacques Dubuc - Gliese VR 0002
Jacques Dubuc - kepler-9185412
Jacques Dubuc - nazca-side
James Scott - despair
Jason Seward - Inkydigit's Icelandic Saga 1-3
Jason Seward - MicroMacro
Jason Seward - Mountain Valley View
Jason Seward - Relics
Javier Paradinas Sánchez - Marshland
Jochen Meyer - Inside
Kadri Ozel - The Bridge
Klaus-Konrad Umbreit - Between the clouds
Klaus-Konrad Umbreit - Blueberry hill
Klaus-Konrad Umbreit - Dessert
Klaus-Konrad Umbreit - Sunset
Korneliusz Warszawski - Caldera Plateau
Korneliusz Warszawski - Lonely Peak (arctic)
Korneliusz Warszawski - Small Island
Leonard Buchanan - Mountain Passage
Leonard Buchanan - We camp here tonight
Majid Kaviani - dry mountains
Mark Schafer - Cave Entrance
Matthew Long - Sci-Fi Mining Outpost
Oliver Kinzig - Untitled
Patrick Trautner - A Walk in the Woods
Pavan Veeramaneni - Gaint_Flowers
Peter Weishaupt - Action 1942
Peter Weishaupt - deep in the jungle
Peter Weishaupt - Mayday
Peter Weishaupt - Mount Rainier
Philip C Matthews - A View From The Gallery
Philip C Matthews - Perlin's World
Pierre Chartier (Jo Kariboo) - estran
Pierre Chartier (Jo Kariboo) - le lac clair
René van Megen - fp Fantasy planet
René van Megen - Primeval world
Ricardo Franco Da Silva - The Land of the White Bear
Ricardo Franco Da Silva - The Three Lakes Island
Ricardo Franco Da Silva - The Three Lakes Island (Build 55)
Richard Harvey - BarVR
Richard Harvey - FutureWine
Richard Harvey - Grizzly Knob
Richard Harvey - Grizzly Knob (Resubmission)
Richard Harvey - IntersectionVRentry
Robert-Jan Kuipers - Bridge of Luxury
Robert-Jan Kuipers - Copper Canyon
Robert-Jan Kuipers - Exploring the Lair of the Luminescent Lichen
Robert-Jan Kuipers - Hanging Valley
Robert-Jan Kuipers - Hanging Valley 2.0 (Resubmission)
Robert-Jan Kuipers - Mine Tunnel
Robert-Jan Kuipers - Spire Island
Robert-Jan Kuipers - Tropical Sunrise
Sami Mattila - Lavaworld
Ulco Glimmerveen - RabbitHoleQuarry
Ulco Glimmerveen - RabbitHoleQuarry version II
Ulco Glimmerveen - RoundTrip
Ulco Glimmerveen - ValleyPath
Ulco Glimmerveen - WinterStroll
Yan Ji - Fly Crane Island


Quite a list, Matt. Great! And some secret participants. Will you post any of the entries, and who will be judging?

Yes, the turnout has been great! A big Thank You to everyone who's entered the challenge :)

I hope that everyone who has entered finds themselves on the list above. If not, please let us know as soon as possible so we can get everything cleared up!


that's awesome Matt, nearly 100 entries!

Assuming each participant can only place once in the contest. With about 40 individuals posting entries, that should make it about a 1 in 4 chance :)


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