T4 Beta problem

Started by Kevin F, July 04, 2016, 02:50:20 pm

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Kevin F

Just running some old TG3 files through T4 beta and got this.
The whole of the render is purple see screen shot, (same colour as test colour) but nothing has the test colour set.
Small crops render fine.
Any ideas?

Kevin F

and if I reduce the quality of the render:

Kevin F

O.K. just turned Daniil Kamperov's Erosion plug in off and the purple is gone!
Any way around this?


I gathered the plugin isn't suitable for TG4 (yet). Too bad, but I'm sure Daniil will come up with something, one day.


Hopefully we will hear about an update soon. He is supposed to be working on a new version with some changes last I read.

Kevin F

Strange that small cropped areas render OK. but anything large is no good!