able to save render elements without sub folders?

Started by cb, July 07, 2016, 07:43:59 am

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Hi just d/l the terragen4 beta and it looks very useful.  However Its annoying when compositing (in nuke) to have to go in and out of all the sub folders to get the elements.  Any chance it could save the elements to the same folder as the master?  Or even better embed them within the exr itself like vray?



Uncheck 'Create subfolders' in the Sequence/Output tab of the render node.
Tis indeed a pain for Nuke ops... who'd also like alphas premultiplied into images, rather than separate files... and so on.
On my current project we've come across so many annoyances that I've made a list I'll pass on to Planetside.


Yep tried unchecking the create sub-folders, but it then didn't save them out at all.

thanks for the reply though.


Did you A: have "Extra output images" enabled and B: have a render layer node created and connected, with some render elements other than alpha enabled, and C: use Render All to Disk? It's working here once you've done that (which is normal).

- Oshyan