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Started by DocCharly65, July 24, 2016, 06:21:01 pm

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July 24, 2016, 06:21:01 pm Last Edit: July 24, 2016, 06:26:05 pm by DocCharly65
Everything around this must stay a little secret for a while...  8) ;)

But enjoy the view  :)

Ok... one secret can be told: I tried the starburst effect of TG4 at first but couldn't get rid of the flickering so I rendered without starburst and added it with vitascene later.


 8) the colors on the bubble.


I won't tell anyone I liked this.


 ;D You're great Ulco...  ;D

Anyway I was faster than I thought... 2 more renderjobs are already running.

Unfortunately I had to change from TG4 to TG3 again because of some model incompatibility. But the rendering is anyway so fast, that I am not too angy about it.

The sphere has about planet size and is covered with an atmosphere and 3 cirrus cloud layers. Then I deactivated rendering the terrain. Because of the immense size I could reduce the quality settings to 0.x settings what gives an incredible high speed in rendering.

Here are one of the first ideas of my sphere (I gave up because I was unsatified with all kind of mirroring effects:

[attach=1]  [attach=2]  [attach=3]

Finally I chose the animated one and here you get an impression of the size (the little starships have still a distance of something*10E6 km)
And one or the other speciallist will have an idea, which scene of which movie is behind the idea of my planned animation...  ;)

[attach=4]  [attach=5]



Quote from: DocCharly65 on July 25, 2016, 03:30:36 am
Unfortunately I had to change from TG4 to TG3 again because of some model incompatibility. But the rendering is anyway so fast, that I am not too angy about it.

Model incompatibly?


Perhaps is incompatibility the wrong word, Kadri, but I have some problems with several Objects in TG4 and not enough time to research the problem.

TG4:                                       TG3:
[attach=1]      [attach=2]

After trying many things like increase subdivision, smooth surfaces, checking normals I lost my interest because in TG3 it worked anyway.
So I decided to be patient,  let a Beta be a Beta and wait for the release.


I see. There are one or two other threads about such problems.
Yes you are right it is a Beta after all so if TG 3 works no problem.


This is some real cool stuff, Nils!

j meyer

Galactic soap bubble, cool, but of course  :-X.


Jochen you're a hero... I know now, where all the ducks come from... But pssst...  :-X

;D ;D ;D


I found  it interesting that the stars are in front of it (or look like they are), so it's huge, or another universe on collision with ours  8)


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Ulco, it's a very very strange phenomenon  ;)
It's havier than the universe but you could move it with your hand, it's bigger than a galaxy but you could hold it in your hand...
The stars are behind it though light is almost not influenced but you cannot pass through the sphere with violence.

And you never never never should shoot at it ...  ;)

(the klingons are shooting little planets with extremely high y-displaced global cirrus layers and a light source in the middle of the terrain-less planet  8) :)  )

[attach=1]   [attach=2]   [attach=3] I say... they shouldn't...

The 3 star-like shining objects inside the spere will be rotating on different orbits.

This episode/teaser (or whatever ;) ) is fortunately quite fast rendering. On the other side the "story-logic" is not too easy and I need more than 10 animations. Let#s see where this goes...  :)

Edit: Sorry I almost forgot the credits for the model:
Star Trek - Ktinga
    EBOLII (Author)
    Matthew Christou (Mattc) (LW conversion)