The spring came with his beautiful beauty - TG2

Started by Nacer Eddine, March 21, 2018, 11:12:52 am

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Nacer Eddine

March 21, 2018, 01:04:03 pm #1 Last Edit: March 21, 2018, 01:49:41 pm by Nacer Eddine
I'm not from India but when I heard this song  : Mere Maula Karam Ho Karam
I wanted to make a video, I used the translation on the internet 
maybe the translation is not good


All very pretty flowers!
I much prefer the middle section with the varied scale, poppies and pines? and sunflowers and pines. Your trees are all quite great.

I would scatter the flowers more and vary size in a few of the others, continue focus with a full field in view or less coverage  to appear natural. As winter ends a blanket of fresh flowers would be quite nice though.

Can the subdivision of the daffodil be smoothed at all? Perhaps mix the color with a power fractal to soften?


Nice to see some actual Terragen work from you. I like some of these, but I have two thoughts.

First, you post a lot of non-Terragen work here, but seeing all of these (22 images!), it's clear you are making Terragen work. Why not post *more* Terragen work *more often*? I would really love to see a few images per thread, rather than 20+ images in a single post, where none of us can possibly hope to comment on each one.

Second, a lot of these images seem quite dark, with very dark shadows. Yet some others are quite nice and bright, with more realistic lighting. I personally think your brighter images are the better ones, overall.

Again, it is nice to see your Terragen work here.

- Oshyan


Interesting, and thanks for also linking to the youtube, nice use of TG in slideshow mode....
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