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Started by bucketheadklunk, August 08, 2016, 08:13:49 pm

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I am totally and utterly new to creating worlds with technology.  I can learn anything so that isn't an issue, but if I want to realize in picture/bring to life the rpg world I have been working on for year this seems like the best product.  I love, love, love the gallery.  I have a hand drawn world map I created but now I want to bring the whole thing to life...both in map/animation and book format.  Is this overkill for a guy who just loves the world he's created so much he wants to give it life?   
I want to...
create a world map.
create localized maps of the regions the stories focus on
create city maps
create buildings
create dungeons
create the interiors of buildings
Thanks for any input.


I think Terragen would be very appropriate for some parts of your project, specifically the visualization of particular regions and parts of your world.

Terragen is not the best thing for creating "maps", i.e. depictions that focus on geographic regions and features, rather than realistic depictions of a place. I'm not sure what might be best for that other than a simple paint or photo editing program like Photoshop. Perhaps Fractal Terrains from ProFantasy?

For city maps, buildings, interiors, etc. you would be better off using a dedicated modeling program, or just buying (or downloading free) models that are already built and match the general look and shape(s) you want. You could then import these into Terragen to create your realistic renderings of the scenes, along with character models, etc. if you want.

The scale and difficulty of this project depends a lot on just how customized and specific you want it to be. If you have an exact look in mind for every element of your world, it will take a ton of time and effort to effectively create it digitally. Terragen could form one important part of that process, but would probably be an "end point" rather than a starting point or generator, by which I mean that you would probably want to use a dedicated terrain editor or map making application to start, then output a terrain that Terragen could use, and likewise use a 3D modeling program like Blender or Sketchup or Modo or something for buildings and possibly characters (or Daz for characters), then export the models to Terragen for rendering.

I hope that gives you some idea for a start...

- Oshyan