My first project

Started by Artice-3d, August 11, 2016, 10:33:50 am

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Quote from: Dune on August 12, 2016, 02:14:46 am
Good work, iwnbts.

@Mick: try a sphere and some strata ;)

Been trying this for ages and am drawing a blank...could you post a .tgc...I seem to have a brain cramp....found the .tgd, thanks Ulco...I'm more confused than ever now having explored. Will try again on a fresh brain in the morning.
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bobbystahr, What you need exactly, sphere strata or what??!!  Dune posted here the file of strata example  ;) ;D

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Hello! My research in new workflow terragen + Clarisse... I'm really amazed of what Clarisse can do itself  and in cooperation with other software.. My first attempt to learn is below..  Terrain (terragen) + cloud (houdini)..  It's just firs step, but i'm pretty impressed what i can do..  Big enviroments with waterfalls and animation with pretty ease..   :o 8)


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Thanks guys a lot, i will show you work in progress renders, to know how far we can go  8)


Hello terrainers :) ;) My current attempt to create cliff like terrain.. I'm pretty happy with results..I will try other technique to see results.. :)) P.S. stones are ugly but they are not my goal for now :))


Very nice indeed. So, is this based on a sphere/cube/planet again, or displacement from the main planet?


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Displacement from the planet Dune !!!


Thanks, it's really good rock.


Dune you're my teacher.. First i had many artifacts, but found a way to get rid of them.. after that i experimented with structure.. it's good, but not enough good :) i will post other tests later, i found a way to get more interesting shape ;))