The start of the Allied fleet

Started by DocCharly65, August 23, 2016, 03:51:20 am

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Quote from: DocCharly65 on October 06, 2016, 08:46:56 am
Folks - I was bored at lunch time ... and when I am bored, strange things happen...  8) ;)

I just wanted to try out the windows Movie Maker.
So I downloaded and installed it.
I just produced a very raw cut of most of the animations I have of the starting fleet so far.

Of course this is a very basic quality - only one music track, no special sounds no added effects...

Also I cut the scene only very raw. Maybe in the final film some parts change their position. But you can see now a part of what I did the last half year  :)
Have fun  :)

...PS: and yes!!! It's stuttering - the original as well! Windows Movie Makler will stay only a tool for kidding around a bit  ;)

Getting noticed and commented on on my FB timeline...
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something Blue.
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Bring in the New
Bobby Stahr, Paracosmologist


Awesome Nils! And surprisingly, er, serious. I'm sure that is temporary. ;) I liked the fireflies a lot.

Windows Movie Maker is pretty crap, really. It's gotten better of the years, but I wouldn't bother. The "home" versions of Adobe's Premiere or Sony's Vegas are both good options IMO.

- Oshyan


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Thanks Oshyan :-)
In fact the story of the film will be funny but the message will be serious. But The message will be seen in the finished "directors cut" at the earliest. Let' s say that the V. 0.943 in 2016 (I hope so) will have an open end.

Yes the Windows Movie Maker is really only a toy - on some resource pages in the WEB they are offered as "Microsoft TOYS"  :)
It was really only a very fast test because I was bored.

For cutting I still use Magix software and I've read these days that Magix bought Sony's Vegas-software. 3 years ago I bought the little brother of Vegas but still prefer the Magix Video Maker because I had no time to get the Sony software running good on even my fastest core i7.

THX bobby :)
I am still too lazy to create a new facebook account since I just tried how deleting my old FB acccount worked  :)
But I think I will do it some day as a comprimzed "Making Of"

And of course I am curious of your account - I guess I can watch some jam sessions of you there?

Agura Nata