First Terragen 4 final rendering

Started by Antoine, September 07, 2016, 12:54:31 am

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Here is my first image post with TG4 final (as my CG computer is not connected I was only able to use TG4 beta in demo mode). For this I have reworked my last scene "an another causse scene" which was made with TG3 and added the clouds and improved the backgroung to make it final in TG4.
I would like to thank Matt and Oshyan for this great software, I am very pleased with it.



It's very realistic, but a bit blurred. Did you use a soft filter?


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I like it but it looks too soft as Ulco said.


Very nice as the TG3 originals.
Because of the blurry effect:
Perhaps there were TG4 Demo restrictions?


Looks great! I know exactly how the air smells.


Yes I have post processed in Gimp adding too much blur.
Here is an updated image





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Shield Wulf

Super realistic. Nice work. Just got TG4 as well. Can't wait to see what the neurons can dig up with it.
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Great image and without the blur, outstanding. Even though I'm a functional colour blind human the palette is very soothing and realistic...wish I was there now in fact. *****
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